Yoga Health Benefits

Originating in ancient Indian culture, yoga has transformed from a niche exercise into an activity that is enjoyed and perpetuated by millions of people all around the world. Even in the United States, it is now very common to see yoga studios dot the landscape right next to Starbucks and McDonald’s locations. And particularly for people who dwell in large cities, yoga has essentially become a new way of life. But far from just a trendy and hip activity, there are numerous yoga health benefits that allow its practitioners to live a cleaner, healthier and fuller life.

Yoga benefits to the body

1. Skin benefits

5y6uiyutyrterThe endocrine system, which deals with the release of hormones, is a vital part of human physiology. And particularly for women, having a proper hormonal balance is key to living a healthy life. A positive side effect of having a healthy endocrine system is that it helps balance hormone levels, which in turn leads to healthier skin and a glowing complexion. Our skin’s health is directly tied to our hormones and endocrine system, so yoga is an extremely convenient and effective way to achieve these results.

2. Blood circulation benefits

Blood flow within our bodies is very important. Without proper blood flow, our bodies cannot receive enough oxygen in order to function properly. This affects us not only on a physical level, but on a mental level too. Proper blood flow allows us to think and comprehend our world better. Yoga health benefits include the improvement of blood circulation. A common yoga technique involves taking long and slow deep breaths. Breathing in puts pressure on the abdomen, while breathing out releases the pressure and allows blood from our legs to flow to the abdomen. The next breath allows our blood to flow to the heart, from where it flows to the rest of the body.

3. Breathing health benefits

ghyjtyrterw4There are numerous types of yoga poses, ranging from simple ones suitable for all ages to those that require a bit of dexterity. But regardless of the pose a yoga devotee uses, each one will provide in improvement in their breathing capabilities. A common pose such as the Downward Dog involves maintaining a body position for thirty seconds while breathing slowly at regular intervals. This has the positive effect of focusing our attention on our breathing and how it affects our health. In other words, an involuntary action like breathing can suddenly become the object of our attention as we harness it in service to our own health.

As more people try yoga for the first time, they will experience the numerous health benefits that affect their skin, blood flow, and breathing. It is now easier than ever to find yoga studios, so people now possess the key to a healthier life.